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U.S. Supreme Court Rules on Duty to Monitor 401(k) Plans

The U.S. Supreme Court made its decision on a key 401(k) lawsuit, Tibble v. Edison. This suit was initially filed in 2007 by employees against their employers for having mutual funds with excessive fees in the 401(k) plan.

Their retirement plan had a selection of 40 funds, six of which were retail share class funds and are more costly than institutional share class funds. The U.S. District Court granted the plaintiffs a judgment of $370,732 from the high fees in three of the retail share funds. The other three funds appealed to the ninth U.S. Circuit Court of appeals and eventually to the Supreme Court.

The primary issue before the court was whether the six year statute of limitations for breach of fiduciary duty protects plan fiduciaries from keeping imprudent investments in the plans if those funds were added to the 401(k) plan more than six years ago.

The Supreme Court analysis was based upon the common law of trusts, “which provides that a trustee has a continuing duty (not just when investments are selected) to monitor and remove imprudent investments from the 401(k) plan. The higher court then sent the case back to the ninth circuit to consider the plaintiffs’ claim that Edison breached its duties, within the six year statute of limitations period.

My advice to plan sponsors is don’t just review the performance of the funds, but consider their fee policies and whether they are prudent and in accordance with the plan document every year. Likewise, financial advisors for 401(k) plans have an ongoing date to monitor how the plan pays for services on funds offered to employees.

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