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Did Frederick Joseph Rock Cause You Investment Losses?

Frederick Joseph Rock of Tampa, Florida submitted a Letter of Acceptance, Waiver and Consent (AWC) to the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) in which he was fined $5,000 and suspended from association with any FINRA member for a capacity of five months. The sanctions were based on findings that that he participated in private securities transactions in violation of FINRA Rules 3280 and 2010. The suspension was in effect from May 3, 2021, through October 2, 2021.

In July 2014, Frederick Joseph Rock joined Pruco Securities, LLC and became registered as a General Securities Representative (GS). According to FINRA’s findings, Rock allegedly solicited 17 investors to purchase private-placement investments in a start- up company developing waste-to-energy technology totaling $409,200. The FINRA findings state that in addition to recommending the stocks, Rock also helped the investors complete stock purchase agreements and collected their stock purchase agreements and investment checks to provide to the company. The findings further state that although Rock had not received compensation for the sales, he did not provide notice or seek approval from Pruco before participating in the transactions. Frederick Joseph Rock is not currently associated with any FINRA member firm and remains subject to FINRA’s jurisdiction.

FINRA Rule 3280(e) generally defines a private securities transaction as any securities transaction outside the regular scope of an associated person’s employment with a member. FINRA Rule 3280(b) states that “[p]rior to participating in any private securities transaction, an associated person shall provide written notice to the member with which he is associated describing in detail the proposed transaction and the person’s proposed role therein and stating whether he has received or may receive selling compensation in connection with the transaction.” Rule 3280(c) states that when an associated person has received or may receive selling compensation, the member firm shall provide written approval or disapproval of the associated person’s participation in the proposed private securities transaction. A violation of Rule 3280 is also a violation of FINRA Rule 2010, which requires associated persons, in the conduct of their business, to observe high standards of commercial honor and just and equitable principles of trade.

Do You Need a Florida Private Placement Investment Attorney?

Are you a Florida investor who has suffered significant losses in your stock brokerage and investment accounts?  Did your Florida stockbroker or investment advisor misrepresent or mislead you about an investment in a Private Placement or make an unsuitable recommendation that you invest in a Private Placement like GPB Capital Holdings or EquiAlt or otherwise mismanage your investment account? If so, you will need to have representation by an experienced, highly rated and nationally recognized FINRA securities arbitration law attorney—an attorney who understands these highly complex and risky Private Placement investments. You need an experienced lawyer who knows FINRA rules and procedures inside and out and how to handle these FINRA arbitration cases and other complex legal issues. 

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