Complaint Filed Against Former Calton & Associates Representative for Alleged Bond Mark Ups

A complaint filed against Calton & Associates Inc., located in Tampa, Florida, and Kenneth Harter of Roland, Arkansas alleges that they “charged customers prices that were not reasonable in municipal bond transactions.” The complaint alleges that R.M. Duncan Securities, acting through two of its representatives and, eventually, Calton & Associates and Mr. Harter, sold bonds to its customers at unfair prices. R.M. Duncan Securities representatives allegedly solicited three elderly customers to purchase a total of $215,000 par value of the bonds.

According to FINRA, the representatives told their clients the bonds “would receive an 11% tax-free yield on the bond interest payments, despite the fact that the bonds were in default and not paying full interest.” Calton & Associates and Mr. Harter allegedly solicited customers to purchase bonds that were purchased from the R.M. Duncan Securities at a price that was 60% higher than the prevailing market price. FINRA alleges that R.M. Duncan Securities and Calton & Associates worked in “concert” to make the inter-dealer appear higher than the market price to pull off their scheme. FINRA alleges the brokerage firms failed to supervise their municipal securities activities and prices and are currently under investigation.

Stockbrokers, financial advisors, and other financial industry professionals have been known to engage in many types of misconduct which violate industry rules and procedures. In order to protect investors from such misconduct, FINRA rules require brokerage firms to establish and implement a reasonable supervisory system. The implementation of the rules requires supervisors to monitor employees to ensure compliance with federal and state securities laws, securities industry rules and regulations, and the brokerage firm’s own policies and procedures. If broker dealers and their supervisors fail to establish and implement these protective measures, they may be held liable to investors for losses flowing from the misconduct. As a result, investors who have suffered losses stemming from unfair bond mark ups, misrepresented investments or other misconduct by their broker can bring forth claims to recover damages against broker dealers like Calton & Associates and R.M. Duncan Securities, which have a duty to supervise its employees in order to prevent broker misconduct.

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