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How Do You Recover Your Investment Losses From Those Credit-line Margin Calls?

If you are reading this Blog, UBS Financial Services, Inc. Bonita Springs, Florida Touchstone Wealth Partners may have recommended that you take out a variable or fixed line of credit instead of selling securities and withdrawing funds from your account in order to stay invested in what was supposed to be a safe well-balanced investment portfolio.  The next thing you may have heard in March this year was you needed to deposit cash by 1 pm or your securities were going to be sold at rock-bottom prices. Or maybe you didn’t even receive a margin call and securities were just sold in your account. You might have thought the problem was the composition of your portfolio but the problem was very probably the leverage created by the credit-lines. Without the leverage there might not have been any margin calls and you would have been able to ride out the COVID 19 storm. You are not alone because that is just what other investors have told us about the pitch made to them and their recent experience.

In fact, we represent one such investor who has filed an arbitration claim against UBS Financial Services, Inc. for not only Touchstone Wealth Partner’s alleged unsuitable recommendations but for their alleged misrepresentations, misleading statements and mismanagement of her accounts. Please go to our website and read about our client’s allegations in our article titled “UBS Financial Services, Inc. Sued For Florida And Ohio Financial Advisor’s Alleged Misconduct Involving A Credit-Line Investment Strategy.” Continue Reading

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