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The Department of Enforcement of the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) filed a complaint against George Zedan, of Whittier California, for allegedly converting a client’s funds for his own personal use. Mr. Zedan entered the securities in 1998 and later in April 2004, when he became associated with FINRA member firm LPL Financial, LLC (LPL). Mr. Zedan remained associated with LPL until March 2013 when he resigned from the firm while under police investigation.

FINRA alleges that Mr. Zedan, while associated with LPL, took advantage of an elderly client by using their funds for his own personal use. FINRA also alleges that Mr. Zedan proposed a false and inappropriate real estate investment strategy for an 87 year old client. According to the complaint, Mr. Zedan in 2012, started to discuss a $300,000 investment in a real estate venture with the client, none of which was put down on paper. After agreeing to the proposition, the client allegedly, under the direction of Mr. Zedan, wrote a personal check for $300,000 and with the memo line reading “real estate” and handed it to Mr. Zedan. A week later, September 4, 2012, Mr. Zedan deposited the check into his personal banking account and started using the funds for his own personal expenses. Continue Reading