Did Former Triad Advisors Broker Michael Sievert Sell You Any GPB Fund?

Let Us Help You Recover Your GPB Investment Losses! Michael Sievert is currently employed by Arkadios Capital in Jacksonville, Florida. But during the period 2012 though 2018 he was registered with Triad Advisors, LLC in the same city. His securities industry career as a salesperson is not unblemished; he has been the subject of two customer complaints, both of which are still pending. We believe both of these complaints relate to Mr. Sievert’s private offer and sale of GPB Capital Holdings sponsored limited partnership interests. We are attorneys offering to help GPB investors who made private placement investments in the following limited partnerships offered and sold by Mr. Sievert during  his employment with Triad Advisors; that is, help them to rescind their GPB investment and/or recover their GPB investment losses: GPB Automotive Portfolio, LP GPB Cold Storage LP GPB Holdings, LP GPB Holdings II, LP GPB Holdings III, LP GPB Holdings Qualified, LP GPB NYC Development, LP GPB Waste Management Fund, LP

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