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John Hudnall, a former broker with BancWest Investment Services, Inc. (BancWest), submitted an Offer of Settlement to the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) in which he was barred from the securities industry amid findings that he recommended and sold a REIT investment to an 80 year old customer, which he split into two transactions in order to circumvent his firm’s supervisory review.

FINRA found that John Stuart Hudnall, of Pacifica, California, sold a $400,000 Wells Core Office Income REIT investment to an 80 year old customer.  He then split it into two transactions, one of 40,000 and the other of $360,000, to avoid supervisory review of such a large transaction.  Mr. Hudnall only submitted the $40,000 portion to his firm, and submitted the $360,000 portion directly to the REIT sponsor.  Mr. Hudnall allegedly received a gross commission of $25,200 in connection with the $360,000 part of the REIT investment. Continue Reading

John Hudnall of Pacifica, California was named a Respondent in a Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) complaint that alleged he participated in undisclosed and/or unapproved outside business activities while associated with a FINRA member firm. Mr. Hudnall entered the securities industry in 2000 and was associated with FINRA member firms BancWest Investment Services, Inc. (BancWest) and US Bancorp Investments, Inc. (US Bancorp) during the relevant period.

FINRA alleged that Mr. Hudnall, while associated with US Bancorp and Bancwest, participated in an undisclosed and unapproved private securities transaction, made unapproved and undisclosed financial sales promotions to firm customers, recommended and sold an unsuitable variable annuity product and provided false information in response to FINRA information requests. FINRA’s investigators also alleged that in connection with an undisclosed securities transaction in May 2012, Mr. Hudnall artificially split a customer’s $400,000 REIT investment into two parts and submitted only the smaller part ($40,000) to his firm for supervisory review and approval generating himself $25,000 in ill-gotten commissions.

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