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The U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) has issued an Order against Arya Motazedi, of Miami Florida, for engaging in fraudulent gas and crude oil futures transactions. According to the Order, Mr. Motazedi prearranged nearly 34 trades between his former employer’s account and his personal accounts at prices which disadvantaged his former employer’s account. In a practice known as “front running,” Mr. Motazedi allegedly placed orders for his personal accounts ahead of orders he placed for his former employer’s account on at least 12 occasions. The Order states that Mr. Motazedi’s trading activity caused his former employer trading losses of $216,955.80.

The CFTC Order further states that Mr. Motazedi was able to accomplish his fraud by misappropriating non-public, confidential, and material information despite the employer’s internal policies prohibiting such practices and his duty to confidentiality given his relationship with his employer. Moreover, the Order states that Mr. Motazedi breached his duties to his employer by failing to disclose the trading. The CFTC’s Order requires Mr. Motazedi to pay a monetary penalty of $100,000 and restitution of $216,955.80. Additionally, the Order permanently bans Mr. Motazedi from trading and registering as a futures professional in any capacity with the CFTC. Continue Reading

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