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Investor advocates are saying that more should be done to protect retail investors in Exchange-Traded Notes (ETNs). There is growing concern that with the rising popularity of ETNs, investors and financial advisers are getting into these products without fully understanding them or the risks involved.

ETN’s are bank-issued debt securities. They were first brought to market six years ago to allow sophisticated investors to place bets on different parts of the market. Recently, however, retail investors have also started trading ETNs to gain access to certain market segments, such as those involving gold, silver, or natural gas. ETN offerings have grown in number over the past few years, with 212 ETNs now found on exchanges. Continue Reading

The Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) has recently raised concerns about disclosure and sales practices involving Exchange Traded Notes (ETNs).  Of primary concern is the number of clients not suited for the risks associated with ETNs, but who still were recommended ETNs by their brokers.  As a result, FINRA has issued a regulatory notice to provide broker-dealers with guidance on how to oversee the sale of complex products such as ETNs that are difficult for retail investors and brokers to understand.   Firms are now required to make sure that their marketing materials fairly disclose risks, and that supervisors and registered representatives are trained to understand the risks associated with ETNs.  FINRA also warned that ETNs have little or no performance history, their investment indexes and investment strategies are complex, their returns have the potential to be volatile, and the price given by the issuer can vary significantly from the price on the secondary market. Continue Reading

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