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Craig Gary Langweiler, a Philadelphia, Pennsylvania-based registered representative formerly employed with Meyers Associates, L.P., n/k/a Windsor Street Capital, was named a Respondent in a Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) complaint alleging that he excessively traded the account of his customer, generating high commissions for himself and substantial losses for his customer.

According to the FINRA complaint, Mr. Langweiler executed 257 trades in his customer’s account during the relevant period, which was a mere 193 days.  FINRA alleges that Mr. Langweiler generated approximately $27,092 in commissions, whereas his customer incurred losses in excess of $33,000.  FINRA found that Mr. Langweiler exercised control over the customer’s account through his use of discretion, for which he allegedly never sought, nor obtained, written authorization.  Continue Reading