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How Do You Recover Your “UBS-YES” Investment Losses?

If you are reading this Blog, Christopher Wayne Tolman probably recommended that you invest in the UBS Yield Enhanced Strategy (“UBS-YES”) and lost 20-40% of your original investment in what was supposed to be a “market neutral” investment strategy. Despite your UBS Financial Services, Inc. (“UBS”) stockbroker’s representations about the UBS-YES managers ability to “manage risk” and “minimize losses” through its “iron condor” option strategy you still realized substantial losses. You are not alone because that is just what many other UBS-YES investors have told us about the pitch made to them to invest in the UBS-YES program and their recent experience.

In fact, according to FINRA’s BrokerCheck website two investors have filed arbitration claims against UBS for its own misrepresentations about and/or mismanagement of the program and/or Mr. Tolman’s  UBS-YES investment recommendations. These red flags are in addition to an actions taken by the Texas securities regulator and an employment termination reported on BrokerCheck. Continue Reading

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