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Roderic Boling and his now ex-wife Anna Boling, of Altamonte Springs Florida, have allegedly orchestrated a scheme that defrauded thousands of investors. As part of what is a commonly known as a “pump and dump” scheme, Mr. Roderic and his wife allegedly made phony telemarketing calls that gave people the impression that homeowners received confidential information on the stock market. The scheme entailed Mr. Roderic going to a telemarketer and requesting him to send out his pre-recorded message made by Mrs. Roderic that would be sent only once per household and the message would only play if the call reached voicemail. The message, made by Mrs. Roderic, would give the impression that she called a friend when in actuality it was a stranger which she disclosed important stock information, leading people to think they got the inside scoop. Within days the price of the stock would double and Mr. Roderic would sell his stock and move on to a different company that he would “advertise” for. Mr. Roderic allegedly perpetrated the scheme for several companies with the stock symbols MAUG, IVFH, FGWC, PWRM, DNNI, and AMUT using the same method and making hundreds of thousands of dollars. The United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) requested Mr. and Mrs. Roderic be permanently enjoined, pay full disgorgement of ill-gotten gains, as well as the maximum civil penalties. Mr. Boling was sentenced criminally for 25 years in prison with a fine of $5,000,000 and Anna Boling was sentenced to 3 years imprisonment with a $250,000 fine.

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The SEC has initiated many investigations and filed many SEC administrative disciplinary proceedings and Federal court actions against corporations and their officers, directors and shareholders stockbrokers, investment advisors and others it believed to have violated the Federal securities laws. 

Experienced SEC Securities Law Defense Lawyer Handling Altamonte Springs Florida Investigations and Enforcement Actions

You will need a top rated SEC Securities Law Defense attorney as soon as you receive a telephone call, letter requesting voluntary cooperation or subpoena for testimony or documents in a SEC investigation because this agency acts quickly and aggressively when you appear on its radar. The next thing you know you are a defendant in an SEC administrative proceeding or a Federal court action where you have been enjoined and had all of your bank and securities accounts frozen without notice. You may only have days to persuade a Federal Court Judge why the injunction should be lifted and given back access to your bank and brokerage accounts. These investigations and enforcement actions involve complex securities laws and legal issues which only highly trained and experienced SEC securities law defense trial attorneys can handle.

Attorney Pearce’sknowledge of the Federal securities laws andSEC trial lawyer defense skills are highly regarded throughout Altamonte Springs Florida and across the nationHe began his career with the SEC at the New York Regional Office in 1980. Thereafter he moved to Florida and has expanded his SEC securities law defense practice nationwide over his 40 year career. In fact, Federal District Court Judge Janet C. Hall has opined in a public court decision about his knowledge and skills:

In short, Attorney Pearce has knowledge and skill gained over [40] years of specialized training on the minutiae of broker-dealer practices and procedures and SEC enforcement proceedings which could not be obtained by a competent practicing attorney through routine research or legal experience.

Attorney Pearce is one of the few attorneys who has not only single handedly beat the SEC’s team of lawyers, but recovered his clients’ attorney fees and litigation costs incurred in the defense of the government’s flawed investigation and enforcement action.   SEC v. Stephen J. Wilson, Defendant, Civil Action No. 04-cv-1331(JCH), 2009 WL 2381954 (D. Conn.).

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The Law Offices of Robert Wayne Pearce, P.A. understands what is at stake in securities law matters and works tirelessly to secure the best possible result for you and your case.  Mr. Pearce provides a complete case review, identifies the strengths and weaknesses of your case, and fully explains all of your legal options. For dedicated representation by a law firm with over 40 years of experience and success in all kinds of securities law and investment disputes serving Altamonte Springs Florida citizens, contact the firm by phone at 561-338-0037, toll free at 800-732-2889 or via e-mail.

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Robert Wayne Pearce of The Law Offices of Robert Wayne Pearce, P.A. has been a trial attorney for more than 40 years and has helped recover over $140 million dollars for his clients. During that time, he developed a well-respected and highly accomplished legal career representing investors and brokers in disputes with one another and the government and industry regulators. To speak with Attorney Pearce, call (800) 732-2889 or Contact Us online for a FREE INITIAL CONSULTATION with Attorney Pearce about your case.

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